Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Job Search - What Are You Attracting

In August I posted "You Are What You Attract". That concept, the Law of Attraction, was brought home to me recently when I presented a workshop on LinkedIn. One of the attendees talked about some of the inquiries he was receiving regarding employment and how none of those inquiries related to what he wants to do or has done in the past.

He is not the first person to encounter this; I have had many of these emails myself. When you receive them you just sit there in wonderment. You are trying to figure out what this individual is thinking and why they would send this information to you. I still have not figured it out completely, but I believe I am getting closer.

Many times it is just a random process or an automated emailing system that searches resumes. If it is one of those emails; there is not much you can do. If you are really searching for work you have few other choices than to put up with it and use the delete key when they arrive in your in-box.

Review Your On-line Presence

If you are being approached for things that are not of interest and do not apply; you need to step back. It is time to review your resume, your Web 2.0 application profiles, your website, your blog postings, your comments, your posted resumes, and any other "branding" that may exist to find out why you are getting these solicitations.

There is nothing worse than receiving a job posting for something completely unrelated and of no interest. Not just because it is a waste of time, but it is also disconcerting and makes you wonder why someone would even think of you for this type of position. These emails can also cause self doubts which are counter productive and take you off task. Put them aside and keep moving forward.

Granted there will always be some random opportunities presented because those people do not care about what you want and, more than likely, have not read your information. All they know is that you are out there and you are potentially or specifically looking for employment. To them that is an open opportunity to approach you: whether you are interested or not.

If the solicitations or opportunities are more specific or it looks like they have actually done some research; then it is time for the review. You need to look carefully at your information and try to determine what is giving people the incorrect impression. When you locate the confusing information you must clean it up.

Clarify Your Profiles and On-Line Presence

It is important that you create a consistent On-Line presence that clearly presents you and your skills. Each profile tells part of your story or reinforces parts of your story; you want to ensure that the story is consistent and clear.

Part of having a consistent On-Line presence is to distinguish yourself from anyone else that may have the same or a similar name. Having a consistent or at least readily identifiable picture with each posting is one way to accomplish this. Using a middle initial or middle name is another part of creating your brand.

Some of the confusion that could occur with potential employers could be the result of confusion between people of the same or similar name. You must differentiate!

Keep Your Information Relevant

Do not muddy the water with information that is confusing. Read the post "Does Your Resume Pass the So What Test on Wordpress?" This information is as valid for your on-line profiles as it is for your resume. Ensure that you are only posting information that helps to tell your story and clarify who you are.

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