Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Care and Feeding of Your Network

Your network can be an tremendous resource for you; if you give it proper care and feeding.

Many people simply look at their network as a place to "get" something. If that is your attitude your network will soon die on you. To be a successful networker you need to be providing value to those within your network. You must provide help individually and collectively whenever possible.

This isn't a situation where you are looking to do huge favors. That doesn't mean you turn a big opportunity down when it arises; it just means that simple help is also valuable.

1. Your help can take the form of sending a congratulatory note on a new job or promotion.

2. It can be forwarding an article that you feel they may find of interest.

3. Maybe you can facilitate a connection between two of your contacts that would be beneficial to both.

4. It may be notifying someone of a business opportunity or job.

5. There may be a special event taking place that would benefit one of your contacts.

These are just a few simple ideas. If you do these types of activities regularly; your network will be there when you need it.

If you have other ideas chime in and add your contribution to this list.

Happy Networking

Monday, August 24, 2009

You are what you attract!

Wallace Wattles wrote it in the early 1900s and it is still true today. The things we think about, positive or negative, are the things that we attract. With this being the case, we have a choice in how our lives will proceed and that choice is made through our thought processes.

What are your thoughts are they about the future and your upcoming successes or about the the things of the past that have happened to you? Only one of these thought processes is something that you can take action on. Think the positive thoughts of how your life will be, rather than the thoughts of how your life has been.

The past is the past and that cannot change, the future, your future, is yet to be written!

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