Friday, December 18, 2009

Quality Recommendations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Recommendations

Recommendations on LinkedIn are an important part of telling your story; but not just any old recommendation. What is needed are quality recommendations that talk about your accomplishments and contributions to your current and previous organizations.

Take the Lead

The best way to get a quality recommendation is to:
  • Write a quality recommendation for the person you want to recommend you.

  • Submit the recommendation to the individual.

  • Ask the person if you have addressed or made all the points they would like included.

  • Once you have provided the recommendation ask the individual to reciprocate with a recommendation for you.

  • When you receive the recommendation; review it and if you would like changes, you have opened the door with the process you followed writing the initial recommendation.

Give and You Will Receive

Receiving quality recommendations is typical of the Web 2.0 environment. First you give and then you will receive. The consideration and concern that you show in giving a recommendation will be returned many times over. Show those that you have worked with in the past that they are important. This process provides you with quality recommendations and builds or rebuilds your previous relationship.

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